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FREE OFFICE FURNITURE - Desks, chairs, shelves, cabinets. Needs to go before Monday.
  A business in Peterborough has closed down and they havent had time to re-home their furniture! ALL their furniture is in a number of skips outside the building. Iv had a word with the owner and people can go and help themselves to whatever they want. There are 14 blue swivel chairs, over 10 desks, numerous shelving units and cabinets. First come first serve. The address is TRAXE, UNIT 1, ACCENT PARK, BAKEWELL ROAD, ORTON SOUTHGATE, PE2 6XS. has to be gone by Monday dinnertime.
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 20/08/2010  ]
FREE 'Print Reduction' Seminar Peterborough
  Gain knowledge, advice and win free services from our experts from Admiral on why paper reduction is good for business. Printing is typically the 3rd highest expense behind payroll and premises and each employee costs businesses around £400- £500 per year. Admirals, the print management company, are experts on print and will be sharing their knowledge on the day. DATE: Wednesday 15th September 2010.....TIME: 9:30–11:30am.....VENUE: Eco Innovation Centre, St Peters Court, Town Centre, Peterborough......"With the Print Audit software in place as a deterrent, our printing went from 2,500 pages per week to 275 pages per month." - Erik Meakins, Library Tech IIITo book your FREE space email: or call .
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 18/08/2010  ]
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Why Waste Deconstruction Challenge
  Why Waste - The Eastex equivalent in the Yorkshire & Humber Region is working with a local building company Landmarks UK In Ilkley, West Yorkshire to maximise reuse and recycling on a whole house deconstruction project. The house is located in Burley in Wharfedale is 1980's construction and has lots of perfectly reusable fixtures and fittings including patio doors, kitchen units, bannisters, shower units, bathroom suites and fitted cupboards. The items are all in excellent condition. Landmarks UK are seeking ideally one organisation to take the bulk of the items. This would suit self build organisations. For further information, a list of items available and photos please contact Emma Hill Why Waste manager - .
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 13/07/2010  ]
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Action on Plastics website launched to help plastic waste producers in the Yorkshire & Humber Region
  It is estimated 133,000 tonnes of plastic film and 94,000 tonnes of rigid plastics are being landfilled annually from commercial and industrial sources in the Yorkshire & Humber region? If you’re generating plastic waste – either from manufacturing processes or as general waste – you could have this collected (even paid for) by a local reprocessor and at the same time reduce your waste disposal costs. The new ‘Action on Plastics’ website launched by CO2 Sense Yorkshire provides you with information on a well established network of local recyclers who are ready and eager to collect and convert your waste plastic into new products. They can also give help and advice on the easiest ways to identify and separate your plastic waste.
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 13/07/2010  ]
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FREE seminar in Peterborough - Save money on your energy and lighting.
  Wednesday 14th July 2010 - 9:30- 11:30am, Eco Innovation Centre, PE1 1SA. ***Energy audits -Start your company on the right path to save energy. ***Smart monitoring & metering – Making energy visible also provides your company with a cost effective way of controlling your energy usage. ***Smart monitor “loan schemes” or a smart meter installation offer. ***Energy saving lighting - demonstration from Morgan Hope. Morgan is a specialist in the manufacture, supply and installation of eco friendly energy, lighting systems. Please call Kim on or email to book your free space.
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 05/07/2010  ]
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How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck? (click here to open story)
  Anything from pallets, wood chippings, logs and tree branches can be used for a range of projects, from building schemes to art projects and bird boxes. To re-use is more environmentally friendly than recycling and by resourcing through Eastex you save money on disposal costs, not to mention the hassle of dealing with waste. So log-in to Eastex and let us help you re-home your spare wood. You might even save enough money to buy a woodchuck.
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 01/07/2010  ]
Oxfordshire Sustainability and Conservation Awards (OSCAs) 2010
  This summer, Oxfordshire’s Environment and Climate Change Team will be hosting the OSCAs, a competition for local schools and community groups. Any school or community group can enter, provided they are running a current project that fits one of the following themes: • Waste minimisation and / or recycling. • Energy efficiency and/ or renewables. • Enhancing and/ or preserving biodiversity The OSCAs has been sponsored by RWE n power, owners of Didcot power station and there’s a top prize of £1,500 per category. There are also 3 runners up prizes. This is a great opportunity to showcase the excellent environmental work that’s being done by students and local people alike. The deadline for entries is Friday the 25th of June 2010 and winners will be announced in mid July 2010.
[  Article submitted by GAVIN HULL on 09/06/2010  ]
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An unusual use for filing cabinets!
  Herbiseed, a company Martin Parham founded over 25 years ago is a specialist grower of unusual seeds and plants. The small family business grows seeds of several hundred types of plants and sells mostly wildflowers for landscaping and weeds for agricultural research. Martin explains: “For me it didn’t matter whether the filing cabinets were old or new, whether the colours matched or even if the locks worked, they just needed to have one important feature: to be mouse proof! We spend a season growing the seeds and keep stocks in flood proof storage but in an agricultural environment mice can eat their way through thousands of pounds worth of seeds. It’s simple, but an old filing cabinet is the perfect way for us to protect our stock. The Retrader website was a perfect way for me to get hold of more filing cabinets at a time when we were expanding our storeroom. I’d recommend the site to any businesses: you never know what your old stuff might be used for!”
[  Article submitted by GAVIN HULL on 10/03/2010  ]
Re-use showcase event -- FREE office furniture
  To celebrate the launch of the website Oxfordshire County Council is hosting a one-off re-use showcase at Macclesfield House, 26th February 10am to 12pm with lunch and networking to follow. You’ll be able to participate in a short re-use workshop, hosted by the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) where you’ll learn about the financial, social and environmental benefits your business can realise through materials re-use. Places are limited so if you would like to attend the showcase event please contact me at on or e-mail
[  Article submitted by GAVIN HULL on 18/02/2010  ]
  Southwark Council has cleared several buildings to sell and is offering the left-over furniture FREE to voluntary and community groups to enable it to be reused. This office furniture includes desks, chairs and cupboards, of various styles. They have at least 300 desks and chairs! Most desks are either 1600mm or 1800mm wide with a maximum depth of 1200mm. Please remember to measure the maximum width of the area you have for the desk or cupboard to fit into. The chairs are all fully functional office chairs on wheel bases, some with arms and others without. To arrange a viewing appointment please email: . Viewing dates will be Monday 25–Wednesday 27 January, when your details will be placed on the furniture you have chosen. There will then be two collection days, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January. Porters will bring your furniture to the front entrance of the buildings, where you will be able to take it away.
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 26/01/2010  ]
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