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North Yorkshire Materials Exchange
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You can use this page to perform an advanced search. Rather than searching for record in a particular category, just enter a keyword and search multiple categories at the same time.
For example, to find all available card, select material available in Section 1, ignore Section 2 and type card into Section 3. All results featuring available card will be displayed, regardless of which categories of material the originators placed them under.
Alternatively, if you wish to browse the database or perform a simple search, please select either the material available or material wanted links form the top right hand corner of this page.
1.  Transaction
please select the appropriate button or select neither if you wish to include results for both material available and material wanted

material available material wanted
2.  Category of material
please select the appropriate button to indicate the broad category of material that you are describing or select none if you wish to include results from multiple categories

batteries building materials
chemical liquids drums and containers
electricals and electronics furniture and fittings
glass and ceramics metals
oils pallets
paper and card plant and equipment
plastic and rubber putrescibles
textiles and clothing vehicle parts
wood and timber miscellaneous
3.  Enter a keyword
if you wish, you can enter a keyword to refine your search, for example monitor or rubble, but be careful not enter a plural

4.  Check the information that you've provided, above
when you're happy that it's correct, click below for customised results

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