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Why Waste and Partners announce plans for eco-fair 2012
  New articleKeep 1st May 2012 free and we’ll see you at our 2012 venue Leeds United. eco-fair 2011 was an unprecedented success with fantastic attendance on the day and over 3,000 web hits in three months. The event attracted a broad spectrum of interest from national companies like the Cooperative, Wilmot Dixon, Yorkshire Water & Provident Financial to local universities Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, local authorities Calderdale, Bradford, Kirklees, Wakefield & Leeds and local companies from farms to manufacturers and printers to communications companies. 2012 promises to be even bigger and better. We are currently accepting exhibition bookings and talking to sponsors. Our free seminar program will be announced early in 2012, with first-come first-served booking availability.
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 02/12/2011  ]
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Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Opens for Applications
  New articleThe Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators will open for applications on Monday 28 November 2011. The start of the scheme follows a short delay while DECC resolved the scheme’s compatibility with EU state aid rules and re-submitted the draft regulations to Parliament. Organisations will be able to apply to Ofgem for support under the scheme from Monday 28 November and will receive payments on a quarterly basis for heat generated over 20 years. For details on how to apply and find out more about the scheme see DECC Guidance at http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/meeting_energy/renewable_ener/incentive/incentive.aspx
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 02/12/2011  ]
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Recycling Centre Open Day - 4th November - Leeds - Free
  Come along to see the latest in waste sorting technology at the open day of Associated Waste Managements new Flagshop Recycling Facility- Gelderd Road Leeds. The £12.5 million investment will be capable of processing over 200,000 tonnes of waste per year which will include waste from commercial customers and recently awarded contracts from Calderdale, Bradford and Leeds City Council. The new plant will allow AWM to achieve its ambition of zero waste to landfill through a combination of improved recovery of commodities, diversion of organic matter to compost and a move towards Refuse Derived Fuel. The new plant, will include shredders to size materials and feed the new sorting plant which when added together represents almost 1 kilometre of conveyors and screening equipment. Guided tours of the facility will take place on the afternoon of Friday 4th November. Anyone wishing to attend please contact Richard Jaques on 07958 749975 or email
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 17/10/2011  ]
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Environment Voucher – up to £8000 funding available for Yorks and Humber based businesses
  Get up to £8,000 to help your business cut costs and carbon emissions Businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber can apply for 2 days of free consultancy and up to £8,000 funding for new equipment that will help your business cut costs and carbon emissions. The funding can be put towards: • water and energy saving equipment • more efficient machinery • helping your business adapt to the impacts of climate change • working with your supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint of your product You will receive an on-site visit from one of our specialist Environmental Management consultant, who will identify how you could make savings. You will then receive a detailed report that will tell you what you can do to make cost and carbon savings. You can then apply for funding to invest in new equipment that will help your business to make these savings. We’ll pay for up to half of the cost of this equipment, up to £8,000 – so you could get money-saving equipment for half-price
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 05/09/2011  ]
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EMS Master Class - Bradford 11th November
  Next BBEF event - EMS Master class - 7.30 - 9.30am Location: Bradford An EMS system can absorb a lot of time and energy. This event will share the experiences of how two local companies – Hallmark Cards and HC Slingsby have successfully implemented EMS systems that are adding real value. Cost £15/30
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 05/09/2011  ]
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Half Day Workshop 21 September -The Green Deal - how it will impact your business and where the opportunities are
  Wed, 21 September 2011, 11:00 Location:The Source, 300 Meadowhall Way, Sheffield, S9 1EA Green Deal is proposed to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties. It is forecasted to be implemented by Autumn 2012. The framework will enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses and recoup payments through a charge in instalments on the energy bill. This means that consumers can see the reduction in their energy bills and paying for the investment back in the same bill. If they move out of the house the obligation to pay will cease and goes to the next bill-payer/occupier. Find out more at this half day workshop organised by South Yorks Green Business Club £25/£15
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 05/09/2011  ]
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Welcome to new Eastex members
  Envirolighting are not only reusing where possible... they also offer an environmentally friendly service. EnviroLighting specialise in energy efficient lighting and are confident they can reduce their Clients energy bill by over 80%. (Please see a case study of a local company in Peterborough detailing how they reduced their lighting energy costs by 89% whilst at the same time upgrading and enhancing their working environment. This was achieved with no capital investment on their Client’s part by taking advantage of “Green” Government funding available though The Carbon Trust, which they will process for you.) Envirolighting are now offering a free lighting survey where we will pop down to your premises and conduct a survey. From this they will then generate a report of our recommendations for you to evaluate prior to any commitment.
[  Article submitted by KIM COLEY on 01/06/2011  ]
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Eco-Fair: Tuesday 12th April: Huddersfield University: Free
  Why Waste have been working with BBEF and the Green Business Network to bring you Yorkshire’s largest free environmental event for businesses. The full day event will feature renewables, energy and waste and include an exhibition of 60 green business solutions providers, free 1:1 advice advice, briefings, and a waste exchange zone. The event is free to attend. A limited number of stalls and sponsorship packages are still available. Call Emma Hill for details.
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 07/03/2011  ]
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Introduction to ‘Sustainable Manufacturing’ Workshop, Sheffield, 24th February 2011
  Do you know what sustainability means in ‘real terms’ for a manufacturing business? This half day event will show you how your company’s environmental impact reflects on your business efficiency and reputation. You will also gain an insight into how you can reduce your company’s energy and raw material usage, associated costs and other corporate risks.
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 17/01/2011  ]
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CO2 Sense launches Resource Efficiency Vouchers for businesses in the Y&H region
  Your business could save money, resources and carbon by changing how you use energy, water and waste. The Resource Efficiency Voucher can help you make these savings. If you are an SME in Yorkshire and Humber, you could get: • One day free advice from an expert environmental consultant • Up to £8,000 grant funding for equipment that will reduce energy, water and waste • Or up to £3,000 for ten days consultancy to help you make changes to how you use your energy, water and waste. Each business taking part can get up to £8,000 if they contribute 50% of the cost of making changes to help save money and resources.
[  Article submitted by EMMA HILL on 08/12/2010  ]
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