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For full access to the Exchange, you need to register as a member. This is totally free and will only take a couple of minutes. You can then proceed, immediately, to using the Exchange.
Please note that the information that you submit will only be made available to other Exchange members for the purposes of arranging an exchange of materials.
In addition, we may contact you directly to facilitate potential exchanges or to request feedback about your use of the facility. The information will not be submitted to other third parties.
* Please note that all sections on this form that are marked with an asterisk must be completed.
1.  Enter your name *
for example, John Smith

2.  Enter your position within your organisation
for example, Environmental Manager or leave the box blank if it isn't relevant

3.  Enter the name of your organisation *
for example, May Gurney Construction or if you are registering as an individual, just repeat your own name in this box

4.  Enter a brief description of what your company does
for example, packing fruit and vegetables for wholesale

5.  Enter your postal address *
for example, Martineau Lane, Norwich but DO NOT include your county or postcode in this box

6.  Enter your postcode *
for example, NR1 2SG

7.  Select your county *
for example, click the button next to Hertfordshire

Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire
Essex Hertfordshire
Norfolk Suffolk
Other (please specify, below)
8.  Enter your phone number *
for example, ext 13

9.  Enter your email address
for example, yourname@yourcompany.co.uk

10.  Enter your fax number
for example,

11.  Enter your web address
do NOT include the http:// part, so for example just www.pect.net

12.  Enter your choice of username *
this can be up to 15 characters in length and made up of lower case letters and numbers, for example acmeflooring

13.  Enter your choice of password *
this can be up to 15 characters in length and made up of lower case letters and numbers, for example bob1969

14.  Check the information that you've provided, above
when you're happy that it's correct, make a careful note of your username and password, then click below to login as a new member

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